Benefits of a Search Engine Optimized Press Release for Nonprofits

social media tips for nonprofitsDesign & Promote’s CEO Bruce Jones was thrilled to be a part of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce’s Nonprofit Panel Discussion. In the panel discussion on Jan 9th, Bruce talked about how nonprofits can create search engine optimized press releases to support media efforts. We’ve also expanded this post to discuss some key social media tips for nonprofits.

Creating A Search Engine Optimized Press Release for Nonprofits

  • Editors don’t only rely on email for news
    When editors need a story, they’ll go to Google too! Distributing your press online serves as an extra boost for helping your message reach the right media members.
    Panel Tip: The media likes content…provide them with pictures and video content if possible.
  • Use Keywords in Your Nonprofit Press Release
    Keywords should be used in the press release title, quotes, body of the press release and through the Nonprofit’s website copy.
  • Write Naturally
    Sometimes it’s easier to just write a press releases naturally and then work in the SEO elements.
  • Include a Media Kit on Your Nonprofit Website
    If you’re already writing press releases to pitch to the media, rewrite a PR with keywords to include on your website along with photos, video and any other materials to complete a story.
  • Press Releases help build back-links to your website.
    Extra tip: Be sure to ask a reporter if he or she could include a link to your website in the story.

Tips For Nonprofits On Using Social Media

While the media can help propel a nonprofit’s message to reach a larger audience. We believe that nonprofits can wear the media hat too. When using social media as nonprofit, your goal is to connect with your followers and gain more support for your organization. In short, you’ve got to keep nurturing that community—something that a major media company doesn’t have time to do.

But isn’t social media something that you think about after a story is published? NO! You need to think about what you’re going to say in a post, what kinds of photo opportunities you want to get for social media and who do you want to tag in the posts. Incorporate social media into your nonprofit media plan.

  •  Use a YouTube Fundraising link!
    If you make a YouTube video, put an annotation in your YouTube video with a link to your donation page. YouTube annotations provide an extra opportunity for nonprofits to put in a link to a donations page, take the extra step! Want more tips on video optimization? Check out our free resource on video optimization.
  • Keep content sharable, snackable and customizable.
    What does that mean? Think about how you’re going to break your message apart while keeping the “big picture” in mind.
  • Split Your Social Media Posts Into 3 Types of Topics
    Brand: Share social media posts that are about your nonprofit–events, media spots, programs…etc.
    Industry: Share posts that educates and develop discussions.
    Personal: Share posts about your team, volunteers, those you’ve helped and other personal stories.
  • If you don’t know the way to your audience’s heart…
    Go back to branding and marketing until you come out with your values. Sorry, social media isn’t a quick fix for poor branding or mixed marketing messages.
  • Boost Engagement
    Ask your audience to participate and provide a means for them to get involved.
    Example: “Tweet us your pictures using the hashtag #NonprofitSocial” or “Do you know anyone that has been affected by this? Send us your stories at info(at)”

Create a Social Media Hashtage for Your Nonpfrofit

Some Nonprofit Hashtags Out On Twitter Already
Keywords Specific to Your Cause

Nonprofit Social Media Example: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS tapped into our human need to connect and our inner egos to  “top” the last guy’s video.  ALS challenge participants were willing to look silly in front of friends and colleagues. It kept everyone laughing and participating in the campaign. The ALS challenge had an impact across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Think about how you could engage supporters on and off social media too!

Did you know that Bruce Jones, CEO of Design & Promote, even stepped up to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

These SEO and Social Media tips work if you work them! Becoming active online is probably one of the best things you can do for your nonprofit.
Want to view our presentation outline from the Naperville Chamber Nonprofit panel? Download the slides here:

Design and Promote helps Support Naperville RibfestDesign & Promote is honored to be a contributor to the Naperville Exchange Club’s 27th annual Naperville Ribfest in a quest to end child abuse and domestic violence.
Did you know that the real reason Naperville Ribfest happens each year is to help end child abuse and domestic violence? Well, we didn’t either until we were asked to be on the committee of volunteers this for this year’s Ribfest. We gladly accepted the challenge of helping make Ribfest a success this year and all Design & Promote members were fully invested in helping this wonderful cause.
It all started 27 years ago, when Bruce Erickson from the Exchange club put on the first Naperville Ribfest in 1988. The event was a success, so the Exchange club continued it ever since. However, Ribfest has grown tremendously. In its first year, there were 200 volunteers and 10 charity agencies. Today, the event is comprised of over 4,000 volunteers and 52 charity agencies. Proceeds have grown from $17,000 in 1988 to what will come out to well over $500,000 in 2014.
This year, we are proud to be part of the Naperville Ribfest marketing team led by marketing director Don Emery. But, we are not alone in working for the cause: our team is comprised of several volunteers, receiving valuable contributions from Paul Feith from Paul Gregory Media, Hunter Byington from Closer Consulting, Adam Parks from First Command Financial Services, Zakary Kates from Simple Edge Marketing, an Devonie McLarty from WSI Complete Net Solutions.

Our team at Design & Promote had the honor of helping over the past several months with over 200 hours of volunteer labor in a multitude of marketing strategies, including:
• Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube)
• Facebook graphics, posts, and advertising
• Newsletter design and management
• Photo op calendar
• Search engine optimization (SEO)
• Creation of graphics
• Press Releases
• Surveys (online and at the event)
• Training other volunteers
• Customer Relations
• Mom’s network focus group
“It’s all about the kids,” reads the Ribfest motto. When Design & Promote CEO Bruce Jones first opened the Naperville Ribfest webpage and saw the slogan, he thought to himself, “Are they crazy? It’s not about children, it’s all about the music and ribs!” But, he soon learned that the Naperville Ribfest really is all about the kids- that is, the kids being saved from abuse and domestic violence. We at Design & Promote rolled up our sleeves for such a great cause as our way to show we care about the Naperville community and its kids. Please attend and enjoy the event with your families as a way to contribute yourselves, while enjoying food, fun, and music. We look forward to seeing everyone at Naperville Ribfest, July 3- 6 at Knock Park in downtown Naperville.

On Sunday April 14th, Naperville’s 360 Youth Services hosted their 14th annual 360 Spring Ahead Run. 360 Youth Services provides counseling, mentorweb design firm sponsorship programs, prevention programs, housing and LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) support to local youths in need. As one of our own web design clients, and a wonderful and essential organization in our city Design & Promote proudly sponsored the event along with thirty other local businesses. The run began and ended at CityGate center and included a Kids Fun Run, a 5K Wheelchair, a 5K Street Run, and a 10K Trail Run.

Two of the Design & Promote team participated in the race. Danielle Luke, our graphic designer, ran the 5K Street Run, she placed 5th in her category, coming in at twenty nine minutes and thirteen seconds, while Brent Tyson, our lead web developer, placed 13th in his category, running it in twenty nine minutes and fifteen seconds. The race has two overall winners, a male and a female, who receive $100 cash prize, this year the female winner was 25 year old Amanda Mirochina of Naperville who ran the race in eighteen minutes and six seconds, and the overall male winner was Willy Kaul, 26 of Naperville who finished in sixteen minutes and thirty seven seconds.

The race was a great success, was tons of fun, and a great opportunity to help raise awareness and funds for a wonderful area organization. We cannot wait to participate next year!

To learn more about this race and 360 Youth Services click here.


Due to the nature of their business, not-for-profit businessInternet marketing for non-profitses need marketing just as much, if not more, than for-profit corporations.  Since not-for-profits run on and rely entirely on donations and volunteers, it is crucial that the general public is aware of their needs.  With the economy the way it has been the past several months, donations are becoming harder to come across.  As a result, running a not-for-profit business has become even more challenging than ever.

Thanks to the Internet, marketing has now become a tool that can be available and afforded by any company.  Not-for-profit organizations no longer have to worry about cutting into their already meager budgets to purchase marketing ideas and plans.  Advertising and promotion can now be utilized by not-for-profits in a realistic way, and as a result can get their name and need out to the general public.  Using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and various blogs, not-for-profit organizations can expose their services free of charge and solicit the donations that are so desperately needed.  In a time when the economy is down and regular donations are on the decline, try boosting business for your not-for-profit by expanding awareness and reaching out to companies and individuals who do have the resources to provide.  Another option to give your not-for-profit a marketing boost is to ensure your website is at the top of the list anytime someone performs an Internet searchSearch engine optimization is an easy way to bring more familiarity to your company and ensure your not-for-profit organization is getting the most out of your website.  After all, what good is a website if no one can find it or knows it is there?

If utilizing social media outlets or search engine optimization is something of interest to you and your not-for-profit organization, but you are unfamiliar with the technical aspects, Design & Promote can help get you started.Contact us Today!

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