Design & Promote Sponsors Naperville Non-Profit KidsMatter’s FunMattersToo! Dueling Pianos 2016 Charity Gala

After last year’s success, KidsMatter and Design & Promote are back with the FunMattersToo! Dueling Pianos 2016 Charity Gala- it’s sure to be a rocking good time!

Naperville SEO Company Design & Promote is proud to be a sponsor of the KidsMatter FunMattersToo! Dueling Pianos 2016 Charity Gala, an evening of celebrating the children of the local community. KidsMatter is a Naperville non-profit organization that works to equip families in the community to say ‘no’ to destructive choices and ‘yes’ to endless possibilities. Design & Promote, along with Team B2B of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, teams up with KidsMatter each year to put on a charity night that raises money for the non-profit, and gives the community a chance to get together with friends to celebrate the progress they have made for their youth.

Dueling Pianos will take place on November 12, 2016 from 6 to 12 pm at the Chicago Marriot Naperville. The gala features a buffet dinner, cocktails reception, silent auction, and other charity contests like a 50/50 raffle and wine tree valued at over $3500! Back again for the second year in a row is crowd favorite Dario Radio Network, joined by special guest Ray McGury as the entertainment of the night. Their Dueling Pianos performance is an all-request show that is all about getting the crowd to sing and dance the night away, working them in as part of the show. The battle between pianos combines music, comedy, theatrics, and partying for an unforgettable entertainment act.

KidsMatter, along with highly successful initiative ParentsMatterToo, work year-round to raise funds and awareness for empowering children with the tools they need to make positive strides in their development. Throughout the year, KidsMatter hosts a variety of community events, including a skater’s picnic, student job fair, ladies’ night out, pizza night, and youth and family volunteer fair. All of these activities make up the organization’s FunMattersToo! social initiative.

Design & Promote has been a long-time supporter of KidsMatter- the Naperville SEO company has worked with the organization over the years on everything from web design to event photography to sponsoring FunMattersToo! events like the KidsMatter job fair. For this FunMattersToo! event, Design & Promote helped to create the marketing campaign, plan the event, create graphics and signage, and other preparations.

Come out and support a good cause while having a rocking good time with friends! Event tickets, sponsorship tickets, and raffle tickets are all available for purchase here. For more information, visit the KidsMatter website or their FunMattersToo! Facebook page!








how to write a newsletterEmail marketing has been going strong for more than two decades, and it’s not going anywhere despite the critics. But in order for it to be effective, you have to have a solid strategy for increasing newsletter opt-ins. An email marketing company can help your Chicago business develop a comprehensive email marketing strategy, choose a third party email service, and implement a simple plan for increasing opt-ins and building your newsletter lists, fast.

Benefits Of Email Marketing Vs Social Media

The email marketing naysayers are the same ones touting social media marketing as the next best – and only – thing you need. Let’s be clear: both strategies have their pros and cons. Social media excels at engaging users and giving your brand a “face” – when done right, followers feel like they get to know the people behind the brand and you become more credible and trustworthy. Email, on the other hand, provides guaranteed reach, more site visitors, clicks, conversions and ultimately, sales. Most seasoned marketers agree that a blended strategy is ideal, with an emphasis on email marketing.

While building a social media following can be slow going for new brands, building an email list can be fast and painless if you have the right strategies in place.

Tip #1 – Use A Third Party Email Marketing Service

Whether you use WordPress or another platform, it is highly unlikely it will have the built-in and robust features you need for effective email marketing. This is a common pain point among marketers, and the use of a third party email marketing service is the simplest solution

Some are better than others. Some are free. Some are pricey. All will make your life easier with a variety of stock and custom templates, workflow automation and auto-responder options, split test campaigns, and in-depth analytics about the effectiveness of your emails.

Some top picks include:



Constant Contact

Once you have a delivery method in place, it’s time to start increasing opt-in rates:

Tip #2 – Make The Sign Up Process EASY

get users to sign up for a newsletterCollecting a name and email address is usually enough. If your content naturally lends itself to segmentation, a couple extra questions are okay to better personalize your messaging. Be aware that too many questions may annoy visitors and result in them abandoning the sign up process. Alternatively, you might consider putting separate sign up forms (for separate newsletter lists) at different points on your site to capture your target audience where they already are.

Tip #3 – Offer Incentives To Sign Up

Especially if someone is on your site for the first time, they might not be ready to commit to receiving ongoing communication from you. Better to sweeten to deal by offering something valuable upfront in return, such as an eBook, whitepaper, free webinar registration, coupon/discount, etc.

Tip #4 – Careful Placement Of Sign Up Form

This is a hotly debated topic. Some businesses (and consumers) are vehemently against pop-ups of any kind; others swear by them. Many businesses choose a more modest approach by placing the sign up form on the sidebar, as a floating footer bar, or using a less-invasive slide-in or slide-up form at the bottom right corner of the screen.

While any of these will work to some degree, a traditional pop-up displayed at just the right time, can increase signups a hundred times over – and then some. What’s the key? The timing. Pop-ups that are coded with exit-intent technology track mouse movements and display just as the user is making a move to close the window. Combined with a valuable incentive, the easy and timely opt-in process becomes virtually irresistible to your site visitors.

An Email Marketing Company Can Increase Your Newsletter Opt-Ins

Whether your business needs a brand new email marketing strategy, or you’re just looking to streamline your existing strategy, Chicago email marketing company, Design & Promote can help. Give us a call at 630.995.7109 so we can learn more about your business’s email goals and get started on a strategy to build your email lists, fast!

It’s no secret that a great website will turn website visitors into paying customers. It’s part art, part science and a whole lot of work. Your landing pages play an important role in conversions by first chicago SEO services in Chicago landing page SEOattracting, then drawing in your audience, and finally prompting them to take action.

In this post we’ll break down a landing page into its component parts so you can see where to focus your attention and create the perfect landing page.

The 10 Key Features Of A Landing Page

Great landing pages combine content with design to create an engaging user experience; everything from color and graphics placement to headlines and copy work together to deliver this experience. Here are 10 key features of effective landing pages:

  1. Strong Headlines. Every page should have a headline and that headline should complement the advertising on the page itself. Headlines and subheadings in the content should be clear and concise. You want your headlines to encourage visitors to stop and look around. Use headlines that are directly related to the content of the website to keep people on your pages longer. Just landing on a page because the headline attracted them does you no good when the user leaves right away because the content and headline didn’t match up.
  2. Flawless Grammar. Your entire website needs to have perfect grammar, not just the landing pages. You are trying to build confidence and trust in your business, which is very hard to do if every other sentence contains an error. Always double and triple check your content and have another person look at it to ensure it is clear, accurate, and grammatically correct.
  3. It Builds Trust. Your landing page is your public persona online. It is your chance to make an impression and convert customers. To do that without any face-to-face interaction you must establish trust. This can be accomplished by adding testimonials, awards, service ratings, or 3rd party certifications/verification; essentially anything that proves that others trust you.
  4. Clear Messaging. Your sales message should be clear and provide actionable steps. Sales copy should range from 1000-1500 words and explain the benefits of your offer. Don’t leave any doubt as to what the offer is, what the user will get out of it, or how to take advantage of it.
  5. Search Engine Optimized Content. Search engine optimize your landing page with keywords that are relevant. This will help boost your visibility with the search engines and earn you more site visitors. Add keywords to headlines, subheadings, and sprinkled throughout your copy for best results.
  6. A Strong Call To Action. Don’t let visitors guess what action you want them to take. Make it clear and simple for them to do. “Join Now” “Download For Free” “Call For A Quote.” These are all examples of strong, clear calls to action. Landing pages do not have to be overly complex. In fact, that strategy can backfire. The most successful pages are clean and simple with a very clear call to action
  7. Forms To Capture Leads. You will capture more leads by adding a form to your page than by relying on visitors to call or email you on their own. Forms don’t need to take up a lot of room or gather loads of information. A simple sidebar form that captures names and contact information is enough.
  8. Actions That Stand Out. Use actions words in strategic places. The most strategic location is “above the fold”. This is the sweet spot on a webpage that a visitor can see without having to scroll down. It is where your most important content should go. Use action words like “Join”, “Free” or “Buy Now”, conjunction with location words and the keywords that your visitors are searching to entice visitors.
  9. Use Links Sparingly. Links may seem like a great way to get visitors to other pages, but too many links will be a distraction and cause people to leave the site before they’ve found what they came for. Remember, a landing page is not the same thing a home page. Home pages are short and sweet and direct visitors to other pages for more detailed information. Landing pages provide deeper details and insights into products and services and should therefore have a much more narrow focus than a home page.
  10. Images That Support The Content. Of course you want the images on the site to support the content. Nothing is more confusing than a page that says one thing but shows another. Using images of your own products or customers will strengthen your message and boost your image.

Our SEO Services In Chicago Can Help Improve Your Conversions

Contact Design & Promote for help designing or improving your landing pages. Our SEO services in Chicago can improve the visibility and functionality of your website. We can redesign your site to be more attractive, rewrite it to be more compelling, or add backlinks to promote your landing pages.

Visit us online to learn more about our services.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a marketing task checklist? Mindlessly scrolling through marketing articles on Facebook about things you can’t really take action on is pretty stressful. And how do you even begin to sort through the good tips and bad tips? As a leading resource for Internet marketing in Chicago, our team at Design & Promote decided to put together a of the most relevant marketing tips that are easy for you to start implementing today. When we work with clients, we don’t like to just hand over finalized strategies and solutions to; instead, we like to educate our clients to help them understand the most effective and useful online marketing resources available.
So for you, our reader, we’d like to make your job a little easier by lining out things you can do to actually help your business standout online. These 50 effective marketing strategies are broken down into 5 key categories, which we feel will help businesses create a rock solid brand and marketing plan.


  • Get the logo right; your logo should become synonymous with your company; work with a qualified source for web design in Chicago to create the final look in a comprehensive range of formats
  • Present a consistent brand identity throughout every marketing forum
  • Create company email addresses for a professional, trustworthy corporate identity
  • Include your brand logo and contact info with every email sent for memorability and professionalism
  • Always have your branded business cards on hand
  • Brainstorm ways to use giveaways to increase your subscriber database
  • Match your domain name to your business name: it’s the easiest way to ensure prospective customers can quickly find your online identity
  • Think about what your demographic throughout the whole design process; what do they want/need to know about you?
  • Showcase your USP (unique selling proposition)
  • Don’t overstuff your homepage with “everything”; keep it simple with 1-3 key corporate differentiators to encourage guests to click on other pages



  • Keyword matter; work with your chosen SEO company in Chicago to pinpoint the most powerful keyword for your business
  • Use keywords strategically in title tags, headers, content, URL’s and alt image tags for optimal ROI
  • Create a blog on your main website; post consistently, at least once a month, and always include a call to action
  • Use backlinks; they build credible and sustainable momentum
  • Implement backlinks throughout your site pages as often as possible
  • Write press releases; a skilled SEO company in Chicago will show you that you actually have a lot to announce, use that to create a press release complete with backlinks, as well as a distribution channel
  • Create a Google+ business page
  • Don’t duplicate blog content; always create fresh, relevant copy on your blogs
  • Guest blog to broaden your brand exposure
  • Don’t forget to optimize your video content


Social Media

  • Don’t just create pages and ignore them; use them as part of your marketing plan daily
  • Consider these pages your opportunity to make an online first impression with your followers
  • Use LinkedIn as your online professional identity
  • Create a content calendar to keep you on track with posts
  • Keep it interesting; diversify the type of information you share
  • Leave LinkedIn endorsements so your network will return the favor
  • Incorporate hashtags whenever possible; use sites like to see what hashtags are trending now
  • Use online analytics to determine when your followers are most active; this is the perfect time for your next post
  • Modify the same posts on each forum, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., to maximize results
  • Don’t sign up for every social media forum; decide which ones best suit your business needs


Web Design

  • Go high-speed; a slow loading site will get ignored by the search engines
  • Have your web design company in Chicago create optimized pages using strategic keywords
  • Be sure your selected team of specialists for web design in Chicago creates a 301 redirect so old pages point to new ones
  • Also, include a 404 error page to direct viewers to alternate pages
  • Ensure your site responds to fit every screen size
  • Consistently backup all of your web files
  • Include a call to action on each page
  • Create a separate page for every product/service your business offers
  • Implement a process for consistent quality assurance where links, spelling and formatting issues get fixed
  • Check for WordPress updates for the best, and latest, security and bug fixes available


Web Maintenance

  • Conduct web analytics each month to measure results
  • Use a simple data collection form to build your subscriber list
  • Get critical feedback by asking for comments, surveys and testimonials from clients
  • Test different page designs and setups to determine which setup yields best results
  • Identify trends from your most popular blogs for topic ideas
  • Use different phone numbers for different leads sources to track results
  • Gather statistics using a CRM program
  • Pinpoint lead sources and conversion rates
  • Checkout recent visitor stats and identify new B2B leads
  • Include Majestic SEO to count backlinks from other websites.

Remember: Knowledge is only good if you use it. We hope you’ll pick a few of these tips and put them into practice. Did you find this list helpful? Share it with a friend to help them create their own rock solid marketing strategy! Contact Design and Promote for help crafting and refining your online presence.

If you know anything about SEO, you know that it is not an easy job. For an expert SEO strategist or even a business owner using basic search engine optimization, it is necessary to continually follow Google updates to know what plays into getting higher rankings in search engine results. The task is essentially to get into Google’s mind and make your website cater to what pleases it. However, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. Not only is Google always changing what it wants, but it keeps adding more and more demands to its long list. Now, experts claim that Google focuses on 200 ranking factors in its algorithm.

Here, our SEO team takes a look at the list of 200 ranking factors that Google uses to analyze and rank your site, as put together by Backlinko and Single Grain. This list goes to show the huge amount of tiny details that can make a huge difference to your search engine ranking, which is part of why SEO is challenge. Check out what results are made of:

google 200 ranking factors

googles 200 ranking factors

200 ranking factors googlegoogle 200 ranking factors listlist google 200 ranking factorshow google ranks websites

Despite this incredible list of factors, many in the SEO industry remain skeptical. Does Google really consider all of these factors when ranking website? Of course, some factors will seem to more heavily on the decision making: anything to do with keywords is important, as is having proper titles and backlinks. Then there are elements that cannot be changed once is built such as domain name and domain age. A lot of other elements, like using a keyword as the first word of a title or guest posting, are up for debate between different SEO experts, who differ in their opinions of how much these things matter. Finally, there are some elements on the list that cannot possibly ranking factors, like employees listed in Linkedin and Facebook shares, since Google cannot know this information. But, these factors may affect overall branding outside of search results.

Ultimately, while the list of Google 200 ranking factors does go to show just how complex SEO is, it should be taken with a grain of salt as well, realizing that some factors are much more important for a website than others. Want to discuss more? Contact us to come in to discuss more about SEO and ranking on Google, and even get a free consultation.


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